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Judy Gunby


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I never thought I would enjoy the Litter-Robot as much as I do!  Being a breeder, I have tried all sorts of automatic boxes, and none of them worked efficiently.  With five cats in the house, I have 2 of them and, my cats LOVE them.   I am assured that my cats always have a scooped box they can enjoy doing their business in!  And when its time to change my litter out, all I have to do is press a button and all the older litter dumps into the receptacle, I pull out the bag, and replace it with a new one.  What could be easier?

Now I also have an additional Litter-Robot in my boys' room, and they all enjoy using it.  Thanks to Litter-Robot, my "cattery" chores have been made simpler, giving me more time to smooch on my cats!  Just click the icon above to place your order.  You will truly be amazed!

Please contact me for Litter Robot Coupons!



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